Just like a good journalist:

What - bazaar-gallery of designer products and projects using the cyrillic alphabet. more here 

Where - bar Kanaal

When - May 24th, the day of the cyrillic alphabet, from noon onward.

Why - So people know you can do design with the cyrillic alphabet, too.

Who - Glad you asked :) Me, of course - with two 50x70 posters, printed for the occasion. Check them out after the jump 

We’re having beef for dinner.



We’re having pork for dinner.

So, yeah. Made by a meat lover for other meat lovers. 

There are five print-outs of each of the posters for sale at the event. And one at DDB’s office. And one that Nikoleta still doesn’t know how to transport to her desired destination.

Yeah. well. eat beef. it’s tasty.

also: a huge thanks for the great free cyrillic fonts by fontfabric.